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Training Manual Special (PDF) R434.21 R60.79R495.00
Enrolment Fee R192.99 R27.01R220.00
Business Plan R657.90 R92.10R750.00
Company Profile R100.00 R14.00R114.00
Training Manual&Workshop R876.32 R122.68R999.00
Training Workshop Only R219.30 R30.70R250.00
Recruitment Guides Pack R100.00 R14.00R114.00
Recruitment Workshop Deposit R200.00 NAR200.00
Cabin Crew
Cabin Crew Workshop Deposit R150.00 NAR150.00
Cabin Crew Workshop Half Day R434.21 60.79R495.00
Cabin Crew Workshop Full Day R723.68 101.32R825.00
Cabin Crew Leadership Course R1570.00 NAR1570.00
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